Why visit ARO Coatings?

Passionate about automotive painting and driven to influence the local auto body industry, Andy Otten decided the best way to find opportunity in the workplace was to create it himself. With the support of his loving wife, Andrea, he established ARO Coatings in 2015. Simple powder coating and painting quickly evolved into a full auto body collision repair facility. ARO Coatings has expanded its facility by 3000 square feet and installed another automotive paint booth.

ARO Coatings offers a variety of coatings, rust repair, fiberglass repair, heavy truck and semi collision repair, auto body repair and custom paint. Andy’s purpose is to provide customers with an integrated approach to auto body restoration. Instead of hiring multiple businesses to do different tasks, you’ll only have to stop here. Andy and his team will confidently accept the entire repair job, so choosing ARO Coatings will be inclusive and worthwhile. Whether you need a bumper repair or a multi-panel repair, ARO Coatings will restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. New materials will be used on your vehicle from the frame to the top of the box to assure lasting results. Your previous paint color can be matched perfectly, or custom color schemes can differentiate your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat. ARO Coatings works with all insurance companies to assure you are paying a fair amount for the quality service you receive.

Despite business growth and expansion, ARO Coatings maintains its personable and friendly atmosphere. You will likely be welcomed by Andy’s German Shorthair Pointer at the front door and see Andrea and their son hard at work in the office. When they are not working, the Otten family loves being outdoors. Spare time is typically spent camping, hunting and going to mud running events with Unleashed 4x4, which is a club Andy and his friends created. Andy has been the president of Unleashed 4x4 for over thirteen years and continues to balance work, play and family. Andy Otten exemplifies the American Dream- establishing his own business in his twenties, working hard to provide for his family and guaranteeing honest prices for excellent results.

ARO Coatings’ long term goal is to continue growth in the Green Bay area and bring genuine, detailed work to their customers. The company values expedition, sincerity and precision, which means every vehicle is given the attention that Andy and his employees would give their own vehicles.